Regular Course

Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is the basis for all industries and for our lives. Our department provides extensive training in Computer Science subjects as well as in Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering subjects.
Our department offers subjects which cultivate students’ creativity, and inspire students to be imaginative engineers with applicable ability.





Department of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

Our educational philosophy is to cultivate every student as a reliable and creative engineer who has a sufficient foundation in terms of “technology”, “ability” and “humanity”. The curriculum we offer supports students to learn the technological basis for various computer systems, which includes the followings:





Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Throughout Japan, we are in the midst of a great undertaking to improve the nation’s infrastructure. Large-scale bridges, expressways, high buildings, wide-spaced structures and offshore airports have been constructed with the use of modern technology. The educational goal of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture is to get the students to be able to make full use of “information technologies to design and develop infrastructure and architectural space”. The department provides the students architecture workplace.





Liberal Arts Division

The purpose of Liberal Arts Division is to provide students with well-rounded education. To achieve this aim, we offer basic knowledge of the humanities and academic subjects for students to pursue technology and skill in each field. From the viewpoint of liberal arts education for the 21st Century, we set our main goal as follows; to cultivate students to become an engineer who is willing to contribute to the world with originality and independent spirit.





Advanced Course

The advanced course is a two-year educational system that enables students who have graduated from the national institute of technology to pursue opportunities for advanced education and research. At present, all the Nationa Institeto of Technology have the advanced course system. Tokuyama College added this system in 1995.